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How to Be Successful in China’s Ecommerce Market

The purpose of this research is to help Western business owners understand the culture and structure of the Chinese ecommerce market. In doing so, this

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How to Find a Business Idea in China?

These are my field journals from an internship I did last summer. I worked for my friend from Hong Kong. He owns a trading company

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consumer products

How to Find a Profitable Business Idea- Lean Start Up Plan

This is an outline of the book called “Nail It Then Scale It”. These are the steps that a startup can take to make sure

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How to Start? Doing Business in China

This is always the question, how do I get started doing business with China? I will tell you how I got started, and then I

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Hardworking Kids

Teaching Children Work Ethics at a Young Age

Personal Work Ethics Experience Throughout my childhood, my parents have always taught me that hard work and diligence would bring success. We see all kinds

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oil diffuser #1

Best Essential Oil Diffuser for the Home

Essential Oil Diffuser I have realized that these diffusers are really starting to get popular. I have been looking for some myself. Here are some

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What’s the Best Powerbank out there? Top 5 Powerbank Reviews

Top 5 Powerbanks on the Market How do you find a reliable powebank? With the market flooded with a billion different options, it can be

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How to Import from China Guide

Getting Started- Import From China Step 1: Choose a product to import from China Here is the standards that I use to pick a great

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Modern China Ecommerce and Web-Culture This year, China has become the largest ecommerce market in the world.  These statistics were gathered by the authors of Web Behind

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