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How it works? Importing from China

ChinaEsourcing Services


       Find Products

importing from chinaKnow a specific product you want imported from China? We specialize in finding the products you want, from the right manufacturer, for the right price. We represent you as we work directly with the manufacturer. Direct and constant communication from us, in a language that you understand. No more broken English messages from shady manufacturers online. ChinaEsourcing, your personal gateway to China.


   Manufacture Products

importing from chinaHave a product idea? Need help finding a manufacturer that will make your product for a great price? ChinaEsourcing helps your company find a quality manufacturer for a great price. No more language barriers, no more problems. We offer you a personal, one-on-one relationship with Chinese manufacturers.


    Arrange Logistics

importing from chinaNot sure how to get your products back from China? We can help you with that. As we find the appropriate manufacturer for you to work with, we will also help you arrange logistics to get your products back. What most people don’t know is, manufacturers usually have their own accounts with logistics companies. We will help you get the best price, for the best service.

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