Our Sourcing Process

1. Free Quote

List the products and quantities you need. We use less than 24 hours to tell you the supplier's inventory and price. Our sourcing service fee starts from 5%.

2. Product Sourcing

After the payment is completed by negotiated payment method, we will immediately start the purchase order according to your needs.

3. Quality Control

When the product is shipped to our warehouse, we will check the quantity and quality of the product and report the status of the order.

4. Ready to Ship

We offer a variety of transportation options (Express, Air, Sea) and competitive shipping rates.

Distinct Benefits

China cost structure

Compared to U.S. factories, our costs are drastically (40%-60%) lower. Compared to other Chinese exporters, we offer the best service and quality, and guarantee the best overall price.

Control risk

We help you pre-qualify suppliers by visiting onsite. We monitor production constantly and inspect quality before shipment.

Clear communication

Avoid the hassle of dealing with factories. We speak English and can communicate quickly and become familiar with foreign engineering standards. Let us speed up the execution of your procurement projects in China.

Better access to good factories

A. Most Chinese factories, especially low-cost factories, do not have the ability to deal directly with foreigners.
B. Many old factories do not sell products to new foreign customers.
C. Because we have worked with these factories before, you can minimize the risk of trying new plants.


We offer a variety of transportation options (Express, Air, Sea) and competitive shipping rates.

What do our customers say?

Helpful and trustworthy


Although I have 5 years of experience in Chinese imports, but I still hope ChinaeSourcing can help me deal with all of my supply chain in China, because they can help me save a lot of time and trustworthy.

More easily and profitable


My main business is import trade. ChinaeSourcing can help me deal with the supply problems of Chinese suppliers more easily. The cooperation with ChinaeSourcing is very comfortable and more profitable.
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